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Attexo’s experienced specialists plan and execute project approvals strategies to maximise project success and stakeholder satisfaction. We work with, rather than against, the commercial and technical drivers of a project to focus expenditure on the identification and mitigation of key project risks.

Licensing & permits

  • Resource tenure procurement and management
  • Environmental licensing and authorities
  • Secondary permits and consents

Regulatory approvals

  • Approvals pathway definition and strategy
  • Government and regulator engagement
  • Planning and environmental approvals management


Attexo provides environmental services undertaken by practical specialists that deliver high quality science-based work. Our team provides unambiguous and defensible reporting designed to cut through technical jargon and succinctly address regulatory requirements and enable streamlined compliance through construction and into operations.

Environmental assessment

  • Multi-disciplinary assessment coordination
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Technical studies and reporting
  • Environmental management plan development

Ecology & offsets

  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • BioCondition and habitat quality surveys
  • Biodiversity offset strategies, offset site identification and offset management
  • Protected plant surveys and translocation management plans
  • Species management programs
  • Weed surveys and management strategies

Environmental management, monitoring & compliance

  • Construction environmental management
  • Site personnel training and support
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (CPESC)
  • Fauna spotter catcher services
  • Compliance, monitoring and auditing

Land, community & stakeholder

Managing risk by recognising the imperative of timely access to land and the support of engaged and informed communities is critical to project success. Attexo teams work proactively to plan and implement land access programs and appropriate engagement with local communities, industry, traditional owners and other stakeholders.

Access to land

  • Multi-criteria route or site selection studies
  • Tenure acquisition programs
  • Landholder agreement negotiations
  • Damages and dispute support

Traditional owner agreements

  • Cultural Heritage agreements and management plans
  • Native Title agreement facilitation
  • Capacity building support

Community & stakeholders

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community investment strategy
  • Local content and industry participation

Project development

Successful project development requires access to the right information, at the right time to inform decisions. Attexo’s experienced team helps project owners identify opportunities, understand project execution risks and guide projects through structured readiness assessments and project execution decisions.

Project development

  • Project definition and concept development
  • Due diligence and transaction support
  • Feasibility and business case assessment
  • Route and site selection studies
  • Project risk and opportunity assessment

Project delivery

  • Project gate and readiness reviews
  • Owner’s representative support
  • Project management services
  • Independent peer review and audits
  • Team formation, integration, and leadership
  • Claims management and dispute resolution
  • Transition to operations support


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